Love that 707!

Circa 1962 TWA promotional poster I was surfing around looking for 707 graphics and came across this circa 1962 Trans World Airlines (TWA) promotional poster at What can you say other than fantastic!

The livery shows TWA’s classic ‘Twin Globes’ livery that the airline used from the early Sixties through to the late Seventies and would have to be one of the best airline liveries ever. Due to the proportions of the aircraft, it looked particularly good on the 707 and 727.

To me, the poster really evokes the 1960’s, with its futuristic styling and ‘Space Age’ look and feel. You have to remember that at that time, 707 airliners had only been around for four years and were still something of a novelty. Flying in them was cause for excitement, a far cry form the modern experience of low cost carriers where, for the most part, all you want to do is get it over with as soon as possible!


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