Random Pics – May 5, 2010

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OK, here you go, some random photos that I think are worthy . . .

ZK-OKG Air New Zealand 777-219ER

 Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200LR ZK-OKG looks pretty sharp as it comes in low over Helena Valley Road for runway 24 at Perth. This was a military charter for the Australian Defence Force and made for an unusual visitor on October 5, 2008.

I wasn’t sure which runway it would be coming in on, and made a guess based soley on the fact the ANZ (almost) always use 24. The weather was kind too, just giving a nice combo of blue sky and cloud that makes for a great pic.

VH-OGD Qantas 767-338ER

Taken just a few minutes before the Air New Zealand 777, Qantas 767-300 VH-OGD is also on approach for 24. The vivid blue sky and the Qantas red tail with the white kangaroo make for a bright and contrasty photo – gotta love it!

3B-NAL Air Mauritius 767-23B-ER

Taken on 24 October, 2006, Air Mauritius 767-200ER 3B-NAL is on short finals for Perth runway 21. This shot was taken near the intersection of Kalamunda Road and Great Eastern Highway Bypass in South Guildford.

This shot shows a typically clear and sunny day in Perth, where your biggest problem is the heat haze and trying to find some shade. This location is good in that there are plenty of trees for shelter.

TF-FIS Loftleidir Icelandic 757-256

Definitely an unsusal visitor for Perth is this Loftleidir Icelandic Boeing 757-200 TF-FIS. 757’s are very much a rarity in Perth, so it was great to see this one on October 17, 2006. Although not in bright sunshine, it actually worked out well due to the fact that nearby floodlights cast a long shadow over the front of the fuselage once the sun did come out.

VH-OGK Qantas 767-338ER

VH-OGK looking great as it comes in over Kewdale for Perth’s runway 03. I was actually waiting for an Antonov-124 to come in, that never arrived, so I was very happy to get this shot just before then sun went down.

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