Air Mauritius A330 – 15 August 2010

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Air Mauritius recently changed their schedule into Perth, bringing them in during daylight hours rather than during the night. The scheduled arrival time on Sundays is now 1030am, perfect time for good light and a leisurely breakfast!

Perfect weather today for a quick drive down to short finals for runway 21 and see what comes in. I was kind of hoping to see their new A330 which sports their new livery, but as it turned out 3B-NBM turned up in the old one, which, actually, was better, as I realised later I didn’t have any shots at all of their A330’s, so getting the old livery first was a bonus.

3B-NBM Air Mauritius A300-200

3B-NBM, manufacturer’s serial number 883, had its maiden flight on 6 November 2007, was delivered to Air Mauritius on 8 December 2007 and is powered by two General Electric CF6-80E1A4 engines. Air Mauritius currently operates two A330’s, both with 24 business class and 251 economy class seats.

3B-NBM Air Mauritius A330-200

Nice side on shot showing the neat ‘old’ livery. Cheat lines along the windows are very much a thing of the past, so I suppose it’s no surprise that they’ve disappeared on the new livery. Pity though, as it does make the plane look very smart . . .

3B-NBM Air Mauritius A330-200

Just about to dip out of sight, ‘Trochetia’ looks great in the late-winter light. Local time was just about 1000am, making the arrival around 30 minutes ahead of schedule. ‘Trochetia’ by the way is named after the national endemic flower of the Republic of Mauritius.

All I have to do now is catch their other one in the new livery . . .

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