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Christmas time action!

The holiday season at Perth Airport this year seems to be like no other! We have 4 x daily Singapore Airlines flights, additional services from Air Asia X, Emirates and Air New Zealand, plus Antonov 124’s and Atlas 747’s. Plus, the new observation area opened on 16 December adding a fantastic facility for anyone interested […]

Pain in the Ash

Living in Perth it’s tempting to think we are so far from anywhere that nothing really affects us from the outside world. Sure, we felt some effect from the GFC and petrol gets more expensive when the price of oil goes up, but when it comes to things of a more natural origin, there’s really […]

It’s all go . . . Part 2

Newsflash! It looks like China Southern Airlines will be commencing flights between Guangzhou and Perth later this year. It was reported on the weekend that negotiations between the airline, airport and the WA state government are well advanced and that an official announcement is not too far away. To me this seems like a perfectly […]

It’s all go . . .

Since my last update a few months back, there’s been all kinds of things happening on the aviation scene, both here in Perth and further a field. Probably the biggest news of the lot is Airbus’s announcement that it will offer the A320 NEO (New Engine Option). After much speculation, Airbus came out and said […]

Big day for QANTAS and Rolls-Royce

Today, 27 November 2010, Qantas will be re-introducing the A380 to flight operations after being grounded since the November 4 incident where VH-OQA suffered an in-flight engine explosion that very nearly ended in tragedy. In light of the significant damage caused by the uncontained engine failure, Qantas is indeed lucky to have its impeccable safety […]

Emirates A380 order

News today that Emirates Airline has ordered an additional 32 Airbus A380’s, taking their total commitments for the type to 90. Clearly, they must be impressed with this plane, but you also have to wonder just how much of an incentive Emirates has been given by Airbus to place such a large order, especially with […]

Love that 707!

I was surfing around looking for 707 graphics and came across this circa 1962 Trans World Airlines (TWA) promotional poster at What can you say other than fantastic!The livery shows TWA’s classic ‘Twin Globes’ livery that the airline used from the early Sixties through to the late Seventies and would have to be one […]


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